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 · PDF 檔案industry to identify examples of extremely high reliability organizations (HROs), which can, and do, achieve levels of reliability that are exceptionally high. Of course, commercial aviation, nuclear power, aircraft carriers, and other sectors known for high reliability
High-Reliability Organizations and Patient Safety
High-reliability organizations (HROs) refer to those organizations which exist in in hazardous settings where errors consequences are high, but errors occurrence is extremely low. Some of these organizations include wildland firefighting, electric power grid, and aircraft carrier.


 · PDF 檔案HIGH-RELIABILITY ORGANIZATIONS Through study of theoretical models of high performing safety organizations and study of incident investigations of actual process safety events we have recognized that there are four aspects of organizational performance

The Resiliency of High Reliability Organizations

A high reliability organization is resilient to environmental, governmental and organizational stresses: Their internal systems are adaptable to change Their people feel important and loyal to the organization’s cause The leadership is involved in all areas of the industry so they know how to stay on track

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The term “high reliability organization” (HRO) evolved from research countering the claim by Perrow after the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear plant incident that “accidents happen,” implying that

The Value of Daily Safety Huddles: A Key Tool in High …

The Value of Daily Safety Huddles: A Key Tool in High Reliability Organizations. 01/14/2021. By LuAnn Vis, RN, BSN, MSOD | Associate Director of High Reliability Initiatives, Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. Outside of the football field, few industries have embraced the …
High Reliability Organizations
The High Reliability DNA Program. . . J3P Healthcare Solutions has partnered with Vizient Southern States and the technology platform, Rali , to create a new, transformative, approach… Create a sustainable high reliability culture – Change the way that leaders, physicians, nurses, staff, and the organization, think about safety.

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Research on so-called High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) has stressed the role of tightly coupled, interdependent units (Roberts 1990, 161), decentralized authority (Frederickson and LaPorte 2002), and intraorganizational networks of knowledge (Rochlin 1989) as drivers of reliability.

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High reliability organization theory (HROT) is a framework describing characteristics of high-risk yet safe systems that was developed from research conducted in nonhealthcare systems, such as nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and aviation.

Working in Practice But Not in Theory: Theoretical …

Todd R. LaPorte, Paula M. Consolini, Working in Practice But Not in Theory: Theoretical Challenges of “High-Reliability Organizations”, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 1991, Pages 19–48, https://doi.org/10.1093/oxfordjournals.jpart.a037070.
High reliability organizations (HROs)
This article examines a domain of research on system safety – the High Reliability Organization (HRO) paradigm. HROs operate in hazardous conditions, but have fewer than their fair share of adverse events. HROs are committed to safety at the highest level and adopt a special approach to its pursuit.
A review of the literature
 · PDF 檔案place in high reliability organisations. The majority of empirical papers on high reliability organisations (HROs) employ a qualitative, case-study approach offering rich descriptions of the types of processes that are in place in these organisations. The many

High Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook …

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Managing High Reliability Organizations
Roberts, K.H. , “Some Characteristics of High Reliability Organizations,” Organization Science, 2 (1990): 160 – 176. Google Scholar

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High-Reliability Organizing (HRO), as a verb, describes this social
Developing a High Reliability Organization
Once students have a grasp of what constitutes a high reliability organization this session takes it further and explores the key concepts for the fundamental principles of a high reliability organization. These concepts are discussed in depth and it is considered why they are important to these organizations.